l i p s o b i o

Why Liposomes?

Liposomes Benefits

Improved Bioavailability

Many nutraceuticals, such as vitamins, antioxidants, and certain phytochemicals, may have low bioavailability, meaning that only a small percentage of the ingested dose is absorbed and utilized by the body. Liposomes can encapsulate these compounds, protecting them from degradation in the digestive system and enhancing their absorption in the intestines.

Stability Enhancement

Liposomal encapsulation helps protect sensitive nutraceuticals from degradation caused by factors such as light, oxygen, and heat. This can lead to increased stability and shelf life of the products.

Targeted Delivery

The use of Liposomes allows for targeted delivery of nutraceuticals to specific cells or tissues. This can be particularly beneficial for compounds that have specific health benefits in certain organs or systems.

Reduced Side Effects

In some cases, encapsulating nutraceuticals in Liposomes can help reduce potential side effects by controlling the release of the active ingredients and minimizing their interactions with other components in the digestive system.

Enhanced Taste and Odor Masking

Liposomal encapsulation can also contribute to masking the taste and odour of certain nutraceuticals, making them more palatable for consumers.