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Liposomal Iron: Ferrous Bisglycinate

Prime Liposomal Iron: Ferrous Bisglycinate Manufacturers From India

As one of the prime Liposomal Iron: Ferrous Bisglycinate manufacturers from India, Botanic Healthcare ensures high-quality production, adhering to stringent standards. The company is not only a reliable supplier but also an exporter, making this innovative supplement accessible to a global market.

About Liposomal Iron: Ferrous Bisglycinate

Liposomal Iron: Ferrous Bisglycinate is anadvance supplement that combines the benefits of liposomes with the essential mineral iron in the form of ferrous bisglycinate. This unique formulation offers improved absorption and bioavailability compared to traditional iron supplements.

Manufactured by us, a leading manufacturing company, Liposomal Iron: Ferrous Bisglycinate is designed to address iron deficiency and related health issues. The liposomal delivery system involves encapsulating the iron in tiny lipid spheres, enhancing its absorption in the digestive system. Ferrous bisglycinate, a well-tolerated and easily absorbed form of iron, further contributes to the effectiveness of the supplement.

Key benefits of Liposomal Iron: Ferrous Bisglycinate include:

  • Enhanced Absorption: The liposomal formulation ensures that the iron reaches the bloodstream more efficiently, maximizing its absorption by the body.
  • Gentle on the Stomach: Ferrous bisglycinate is known for causing fewer gastrointestinal side effects compared to other forms of iron, making it a suitable choice for individuals with sensitive stomachs.
  • Reduced Constipation: One common issue with traditional iron supplements is constipation. Liposomal Iron: Ferrous Bisglycinate minimizes this side effect, promoting better tolerability.
  • Quick and Effective: The combination of liposomes and ferrous bisglycinate results in a fast and effective delivery of iron to the body, addressing deficiencies promptly.
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